My reality

By Wayne Fearick

Until 3 years ago, my life was in a very comfortable space. Owned a successful business… All that I thought I needed.. Lots of friends… Comfortable, blessed and favored.. and it is very easy to live such a life and think that the world is a good and blessed place.. I went to church regularly and prayed that God bless me with more but also giving thanks to what he has given me.. but.. God has a way of bringing us back to reality…

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if HE thinks that we are trying to fly too high and mine came in the form of a 13 year old girl.. She lived in Kersiedorp and was part of my feeding scheme that Phela Giving Back sponsored.. She went missing and after searching a week for her, found her in a “Lolly Lounge”, naked, in a corner, drugged up, beaten, bruised, raped and crying… That Day My World Changed.. Giants in the fight for drugs in my beloved Eldos showed me a world in this township where children as young as 8 years old becomes addicts, families are destroyed, children are dying of drugs, rape, abuse, or just killed.. it showed me a place where people are living in fear.. mothers are alcoholics, fathers are hitting their wives, boys are drug addicts and stealing to feed that habit, sisters are selling their bodies for drugs.. That was until a group of community members united in the fight against this decay of our beloved township and vowed to fight the scourge that is busy killing our children and destroying our families.. We came together and proclaimed ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.. My plea this morning goes out to each person that is turning a blind eye to what is happening in our communities.. Open Your Eyes, Help your neighbour who’s child is an addict, become involved with ridding our communities of these evil drug dealers that is killing our children, help us rebuild the family structures.. The one thing that I have learned these past few years is that God will never listen to your prayers or give you what your heart desires unless YOU get yourself out of your comfortable place and become involved in helping others, God will never listen to your prayers if you keep on turning a blind eye to that child that is addicted, hungry, abused, sexually molested.. God will only answer your prayers if you care, love and help your fellow human being irrespective of their circumstances, race, religion or need.. For 2014, become involved in your community and start supporting the people that is working with these families and children.. Resolutions like stopping to smoke, dieting, finding new jobs are good, but it’s materialistic.. God wants us to reach out to the desperate, help them by any means even if it’s just showing your support and love.. Lets make 2014 a year that we change the destiny of our children and give them hope for the future.. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH


One thought on “My reality

  1. Its rather sad that the use of drugs has become something of a trend and the use thereof is generally accepted amongst the youth. I believe that parents and guardians are reactivate to this problem by only dealing with it when they are directly effected by it. Police on the other hand are exploiting the situation for personal gain. I applaud those individuals for their tireless efforts in the fight against drugs.

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