Roof blown away

A house in sixth Avenue Ennerdale was damaged and the roof blown away due to strong wind accompanied by heavy rains which lashed the area yesterday evening. The home belongs to Miss Netta Minaar, who lives with her 3 kids are now left without a roof and almost all her house belongings ruined. At least […]


Do you know who…to call if needed ?AIDS Consortium – 011 403 0265 Alcohol Anonymous – 086 143 5722 Child Line – 080 005 5555 Child Welfare South Africa – National Head Office – 011 492 2888 Commission for Gender Equality – 011 403 7182 Contralesa – 083 453 8690 Corruption Helpline Line – 080 020 1414 Crime Stop – 086 001 0111 […]

Nou wat moet ons sê? (election race)

[collapse id=”collapse_12″][citem title=”Read MORE” id=”citem_1″ parent=”collapse_12″]         Jislaaik ma se kinners. 2014 is only one month old, and already there’s so much sh.. flying.Without Red Bull nogal.En ek praat nie eens van daai stink goeters wat die Kaapnaars by die airport ge-smyt het. En nogal by ‘n International Airport siestog. Ek gheee […]

Another tale from the history of Ennerdale (Families)

Back in those days, Mid-Ennerdale boasted many big families, amongst them, the Banks’s, the Watsons, the Sebokos, the Lebaties and of course my namesake as well. Ennerdale, lacked the most important commodities to survive, like water, electric and sewage. It took determination and survival instinct to survive in this area, which our pioneers possessed. After […]