DA to lodge E-toll complaints with Consumer Commission

According to DA Gauteng premier candidate, Mmusi Maimane, people are urged to send their complaints regarding the E-toll system to the opposition party, which they will then lodge with the National Consumer Commission.

“It has become very clear over the past couple of weeks that the E-toll billing system is not working, ” says Maimane.


“Residents are being unfairly bullied into paying their bills. Mounting evidence suggests that many of these bills are incorrect or are sent without due process or prior invoicing.

“The E-tolling system has already been unfairly forced on Gauteng and now residents are faced with obvious extortion tactics to enforce their compliance. This cannot be allowed to continue.”

Maimane knows how far some people have to travel to work centres and how many gantries residents need to travel through.

“Users will reach the minimum threshold of R450 per month with an E-tag; without an E-tag, the monthly rate will be almost double.”

Maimane has a plan to fight E-tolling both now and if elected Premier of Gauteng.

On March 4 and 5, the DA’s court case challenging the classification of the Bill governing the roll out of E-tolling will be heard.

“If elected, to government I have a plan to interdict further routes and declare an intergovernmental dispute over current routes.

“I will take this message and my vision for Gauteng to every corner of this province over the next few weeks.”

Residents who would like to lodge their billing complaints with the Consumer Commission should send an e-mail to enocentn@da.org.za or Tweet a picture of their SMS or bill @DA_News using the hash tag #No2etolls.

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