A tribute to Donny Scheepers

A tribute to Donny Scheepers

 Donny Scheepers

Donny Scheepers

Speak about “Donn’s Fix-A-Flat “ and everyone who knew its  owner, would associate its trade mark with the beaming smile of Donny Scheepers. This people’s person , paid his dues in the type and wheel industry at “Domingos Tyres” in Fordsburg since 1985. Where he mastered the art of the trade.





Donny in has Berea FC gear.

Donny in has Berea FC gear.

Allthough Scheepers dedicated his life to other interests like, being part of the Ennerdale’s , Berea FC management team. Before Berea FC, Donny owned a club by the name of “Spice Boys FC”. He also dabbled, in former years as a DJ. Committed to his family life and a staunch Christian, he believed in doing something 100% – or not at all.

However, Donny’s passion in the workplace, was with wheels and tyres, and to have found his match in this field would not have been easy.   His untimely death coincided with that of movie actor Paul Walker, of “The fast and the furious” fame. Having experienced  the humorous side of Donny Scheepers in the past, His last words before his passing, could well have been “Sorry guys, Paul Walker is going to need a Good speed balancing and alignment technician in heaven”  Trust me… He was one of the best!


To a warrior who ran the race with patience,who fought the good fight and finished strong. R.I.P Donny Scheepers

By Herbie Blackfoot  Harris

Another tale from the history of Ennerdale (Mrs Prince)

A  Short Biography of Louisa Prince (1915-1967) and a brief history of Ennerdale.

Louisa Prince

From left to right: Kate Brown, Kate Petersen, Rosy Johnson and Louisa Prince

Louisa Prince (nee Smith), was born on the 24th October 1915  in Parktown North. She was the eldest of seven children born to Mr. Freddie and Elsie Smith, who were the first family to take up residence in Ennerdale. Louisa started her education in Alexandra Township Primary School and then on to ETC ( Eurafrican Training College) in Vrededorp where she passed her Standard 9.






The family moved to Mid-Ennerdale in 1942, where her father built their first home in the area. Apparently a tepee shaped zinc structure. “Aunt Toy” as she was commonly known was a garment worker, who married Mr. Edward  Prince. They had three children; Freda, David and Pauline.

Although not qualified, Louisa, with her sister Anne (Strachan), started teaching the local children in 1944/5, on the stoep of Mr.D.J. “Dak” Smith,the second family to reside here. Strangely, it was “Oom Dak’s” house that became the first brick structure in “Grassie”. The Classes were then moved to a building, made available by Mr.C.Wade.Remains of this actual building could still be seen,

a building, made available by Mr.C.Wade.

a building, made available by Mr.C.Wade.

( as in the recent picture) lower down from the Catholic Church in First  Avenue..

These initiatives paved the way for a proper school to be established under Mr. J.M. Diedricks, who was appointed as the first qualified Principal in Ennerdale in 1946, until he left  Ennerdale in 1968. The school catered for Grade 1 to Grade 8, and boasted a contingent of highly qualified teachers from all parts of the country.

The first churches in Ennerdale, like the Methodist, Ebenezar, Apostolic, Catholic and a few others etc. All started off in homes.  Louisa was a member, and prime negotiator of the Vigilance Committee that later became the Mid-Ennerdale Ratepayers’ Association in the late 1940’s/1950’s. Other members at that time, were Mr. W.S. Paul, Mr.J.M. Diedricks, Mr.F. Sonickson, Mr.& Mrs.C. Dickson, Mr.& Mrs.H.W. Harris and a few others. They were later joined by Mr. Fred Norman, Mr. N. Cryer and Mrs.K. Mulligan. Thereafer, the Coloured Representaive Council, augmented by a new set of members took over making gigantic strides to Ennerdale’s progress. However, it was Louisa Prince, and her team, who initiated the first bus and railway services to Mid-Ennerdale, negotiated its future developments ,and realized the water system that replaced the many wells that supplied water in the area.

Mrs. Prince was also involved in many other community projects such as sewing and cooking classes etc. For a few years a branch of the Grasmere Post Office, operated from the home of Mr.& Mrs. Prince, in 3rd Avenue, Mid Enneradale,(which is found just above the Felix residence where Ursula’s Hair Salon currently operates from).Ennerdale’s first barber shop was located here aswell, managed by Mr.Eddie Prince. Dry cleaners was also collected here, which is where the present Day’s Dry Cleaners, situated opposite the Ext 1 Civic,  originates from. In addition to all her community work in Mid-Ennerdale, Mrs. Prince also became the first district President of the Transvaal Woman’s Association social clubs and activities. In May 1967, at the age of 52, Louisa Prince was murdered, robbing Ennerdale of one of her most prized pioneers.


Researched by Herbie Blackfoot Harris and members of pioneering families: Mr. Alec Katts, Mr. G..Marais, Mr.Dolphie Pitt, Mr. “Ouboet” Minnaar, Mrs. Caroline Petersen, and many others, appreciated, but not mentioned. Amongst the  deceased; Mr.Jan Smith, Mr. Wesley & Priscilla Smith, Mr. Peter Bimray, Mr. John & Mrs. Elizabeth Botha,Mr.Andrew Haine, Mr.F.Sonickson, Pastor Jesse Thompson  & Mr. Simon Matthews. Also assisted by articles from “Ennerdale Mirror.”,and an anonymous Afrikaans  two pager :“Mid-Ennerdale”.

My reality

By Wayne Fearick

Until 3 years ago, my life was in a very comfortable space. Owned a successful business… All that I thought I needed.. Lots of friends… Comfortable, blessed and favored.. and it is very easy to live such a life and think that the world is a good and blessed place.. I went to church regularly and prayed that God bless me with more but also giving thanks to what he has given me.. but.. God has a way of bringing us back to reality…

if HE thinks that we are trying to fly too high and mine came in the form of a 13 year old girl.. She lived in Kersiedorp and was part of my feeding scheme that Phela Giving Back sponsored.. She went missing and after searching a week for her, found her in a “Lolly Lounge”, naked, in a corner, drugged up, beaten, bruised, raped and crying… That Day My World Changed.. Giants in the fight for drugs in my beloved Eldos showed me a world in this township where children as young as 8 years old becomes addicts, families are destroyed, children are dying of drugs, rape, abuse, or just killed.. it showed me a place where people are living in fear.. mothers are alcoholics, fathers are hitting their wives, boys are drug addicts and stealing to feed that habit, sisters are selling their bodies for drugs.. That was until a group of community members united in the fight against this decay of our beloved township and vowed to fight the scourge that is busy killing our children and destroying our families.. We came together and proclaimed ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.. My plea this morning goes out to each person that is turning a blind eye to what is happening in our communities.. Open Your Eyes, Help your neighbour who’s child is an addict, become involved with ridding our communities of these evil drug dealers that is killing our children, help us rebuild the family structures.. The one thing that I have learned these past few years is that God will never listen to your prayers or give you what your heart desires unless YOU get yourself out of your comfortable place and become involved in helping others, God will never listen to your prayers if you keep on turning a blind eye to that child that is addicted, hungry, abused, sexually molested.. God will only answer your prayers if you care, love and help your fellow human being irrespective of their circumstances, race, religion or need.. For 2014, become involved in your community and start supporting the people that is working with these families and children.. Resolutions like stopping to smoke, dieting, finding new jobs are good, but it’s materialistic.. God wants us to reach out to the desperate, help them by any means even if it’s just showing your support and love.. Lets make 2014 a year that we change the destiny of our children and give them hope for the future.. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH