Another tale from the history of Ennerdale (Families)

Back in those days, Mid-Ennerdale boasted many big families, amongst them, the Banks’s, the Watsons, the Sebokos, the Lebaties and of course my namesake as well. Ennerdale, lacked the most important commodities to survive, like water, electric and sewage. It took determination and survival instinct to survive in this area, which our pioneers possessed. After […]

A tribute to Donny Scheepers

A tribute to Donny Scheepers Speak about “Donn’s Fix-A-Flat “ and everyone who knew its  owner, would associate its trade mark with the beaming smile of Donny Scheepers. This people’s person , paid his dues in the type and wheel industry at “Domingos Tyres” in Fordsburg since 1985. Where he mastered the art of the trade. […]

Another tale from the history of Ennerdale (Mrs Prince)

A  Short Biography of Louisa Prince (1915-1967) and a brief history of Ennerdale. Louisa Prince (nee Smith), was born on the 24th October 1915  in Parktown North. She was the eldest of seven children born to Mr. Freddie and Elsie Smith, who were the first family to take up residence in Ennerdale. Louisa started her education […]