Frikkie Fredericks

Nou wat moet ons sê? (election race)

“Frikkie Frederick @ ur service”

“Frikkie Frederick @ ur service” 





Jislaaik ma se kinners. 2014 is only one month old, and already there’s so much sh.. flying.Without Red Bull nogal.En ek praat nie eens van daai stink goeters wat die Kaapnaars by die airport ge-smyt het. En nogal by ‘n International Airport siestog. Ek gheee julle nie, one of these days the world’s gonna call South-Africa, Sh..-Afrika. Mark my words! En dan ook everywhere you look, the election race is on. When I saw all those posters with the words: ‘REGISTER AND WIN’, I first thought it’s another Lotto of so iets However, on closer inspection, I saw it’s part of the DA se Election Campaign. Actually it should be called Election Cam Pain, want die een Party vang altyd ‘n pain virie annir een. I suppose a poster is still better than a bucket of sh.. emptied at the airport nê? Maar dan is daar ook die Agang debacle ook nog! You know,..iets anders wat ek, Frikkie Fredrix  nie in favor is nie, is hierie ouens wat vir service delivery protest, maar  dan brand hulle  donnerse essential goeters soos ‘n Library. Ja ‘n library.,. waar boeke gehou word. Daai mense in Bronkhorstpruit gaan brand wragtiwaar daai knowledgible commodities to thy kingdom come, net omdat hulle upset is! Dammit, I mean if you feel like burning something, rather light a stompie without tobacco, and give it to someone else to smoke! You know mos, smoking is no good for anyone. Ja en dit include Okka pipes ook! Rook daai ding, and you’re on the road to destruction. Glo my! Anyway, ek moet weer waai. Let’s maar forget all the flying sh.. and rather hope Bafana Bafana qualifies in some tournament, without a automatic qualification! Untill next time. Goooobye F.F.over n out.

Nou wat moet ons sê? (The first day)

"Frikkie Frederick @ ur service"

“Frikkie Frederick @ ur service”





The first day back on the job, as I was cruising home from work in my Mazdatjie 324, ja you see it was a 323, but because it has a birthday this year it became a 324. I was stopped by a traffiek cop just there by James. Koud geskrik, I put on my double indicators like a hardgebakte driver and pulled off the road waiting for the long arm of the law to take its kos.Like any other liegbek, I put on an act that could’ve matched any of the ouens from “Days of our Lives”. I think if any of the producers of the soapie was around, they sure would have fired ou Stefano and put me in his place! I actually convinced the cop that I really had no idea of that gevrekte head lamp he pulled me off for, and got off scot free jy, scot free. Tussen ek en jy, ek ry al amper twee maande lank met daai blerrie dooie lig.I do in fact feel ashamed that I had to admit it, but come to show exactly what the nuwe Suid-Africa is all about. Nowadays it seems like some drivers treat a red robot like a yield sign and a stop sign like a green robot. Drivers don’t even care if there are any lights at the back of their cars. As long as there’s light in front … who the hell cares wat agter aangaan. Stamp my net…We will see each other in court ou pellie. I know my rights, in fact nowadays, ouens that are wrong are right and those that are right are wrong. Blerrie confusing but its true ek se. I’m definitely not trying to condemn  the much vaulted K53 driving test, but when one notices how many of our new drivers disregard road rules, I, Frikkie Fredericks will rather remain loyal to the old testing system. Viva the old test! And I’m not talking about a rugby test.

Praat die waarheid… how many times do you find guys parked in the middle of the road having a lekker conversation, not ‘n damn geworried! And I’m almost sure those drivers doing “midnight wheelies ” are ones who have driver’s licences. K53 ones nogal mind jou!

By the way I rushed to ou Stewart at Scott’s daai selde aand and bought a siel biem. It’s not that I’m bang, I suppose it’s safe to say that I am responsible with exemptions. It seems all the ouens, like ou Stewart, especially when the pockets are empty after the Christmas holidays. Hy gee ‘n mens nogal ‘n lekker deal when you needed it most.

This year I really hope all reckless drivers will open their eyes and realize that a car is not something to play with.  Innocent lives are at stake . Stop accelerating un-necessarily and popping”wheelies”.You could cause an accident… Or even worse, a death! It is a word wakker ouens! GOOD-bye till the next edition.


Note: Frikkie Frederick is a comedian fictional character created by Herbie Blackfoot Harris, that used to fetcher in the ECHO, one of Ennerdale news papers, and also has featured on radio Eldos and Eldos FM89.6.