Another tale from the history of Ennerdale (Families)

Back in those days, Mid-Ennerdale boasted many big families, amongst them, the Banks’s, the Watsons, the Sebokos, the Lebaties and of course my namesake as well. Ennerdale, lacked the most important commodities to survive, like water, electric and sewage. It took determination and survival instinct to survive in this area, which our pioneers possessed.

After “Oom Freddie” Ennerdalians came in their droves and were quite unusual people too. Amongst them was. “Duimpie” a pint sized man with a reddish moustache that lived with the Gray family on Mr. Damons property. Mr. Mike Peters, a talented pianist who’s abnormal nonsense banter and actions, was nothing compared to what he achieved on the piano. He was an accomplished musician that could well have matched the abilities of starts such as Liberace… referring to his virtuoso, and not “monetary or jeweled” skills.

While Mr. Kosie Jacobs could spear a rabbit with a crowbar, Mr. Katts was a master marksman with the normal slingshot or “Kettie” as it was commonly known. The fact is, it was through Mr. Katts’s accurate shooting that saved Mr. Dickson from dogs that attacked him and severed his arm in the process.

There was Mr. Wolsely who was a specialist in herbal cures.

Mr. Willem Stigling “Oom Willem” talked about his family who were originally from the Northern Cape where Mr. Jan and Mrs. Mieta Stigling were born.

After having moved from the Noord Kaap, to Heidelberg and a dozen other areas, they eventually settled in Mid-Ennerdale.

The best thing that Mr. Stigling remembers of the first time they came here was the freedom and safety whenever he walked in Ennedale. Visiting friends late at night. you could do so with no problem except that you had to know where you walking, it was dark here in those years, no electricity and you had to watch out for barbed wire fences in the area.  “Hell, only last week I heard of two packers from Shoprite who were robbed on their way back early evening. But in those years, nobody bothered anyone. Even then, the so called gangsters had a certain degree of respect”.

“Grassie” as it was known, like any other township. The only difference was, the fact that its pioneers etched out an existence from nothing … without any facilities or council help. Only after a few hundred families have settled here, did the Council decide to help develop Mid-Ennerdale to the mega township it is today!