About Us

This is your new and exciting information vehicle exclusively brought to you by our dynamic team. We welcome all sectors from our beloved community to this space. This is your digital home as much as it is ours.
ENNERDALE.CO.ZA is a brand new initiative with a vision to assist and develop the greater Ennerdale community by providing news content be it informative or entertainment content and it is also a platform to express your views and concerns. Our mandate is to contribute to the moral fibre of our society. We plan to be a force to be reckoned with on the digital media space and not just another pawn on a board game. Our efforts are focused on putting the Ennerdale community on the map by serving as a catalyst for economic growth and progression. Our community has unfortunately recently gained the reputation of being passive and “going no-where”. This initiative aims to break away all the negativity and replace it with a positive outlook that paves the way for a brighter day.
To our local businesses: we are looking forward to working together to promote your business and events on this digital space. To social activists, community builders and sports administrators: please get in touch with us to assist us to publish information regarding your initiatives.
We look forward to working together to achieve the dream of a brighter day. Thank you for joining us on this journey.