” Hardly a few weeks into the new year and residents in sections of Ennerdale’s Ext.9, have already endured the inconvenience of several power black-outs thus far.This irritation, to different ┬ásections of Ext.9, has been ongoing for a few years, and all consultants have to say is:-” Sorry, the power cables were stolen!” Amongst the many questions arising is, “what is being done to combat this crime?” Obviously, these deeds follow distinctive patterns and follow the same procedure in different areas. These acts appear to be executed at certain places around similar times. For instance, in Ext.9, nearest the Lawley Rd., residents, experienced outages three days in succession between 11.30pm-1am.Why are preventative measures not being implemented to apprehend the culprits, knowing about their modus operandi? Will it not be logical to engage patrols in the affected area, after the first cable theft? Whatever the problems City Power are having, Ext.9 residents are running out of patience!

by herbie harris



Roof blown away

A house in sixth Avenue Ennerdale was damaged and the roof blown away due to strong wind accompanied by heavy rains which lashed the area yesterday evening. The home belongs to Miss Netta Minaar, who lives with her 3 kids are now left without a roof and almost all her house belongings ruined. At least […]